Pamela Maeda’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Hawaii Kai

Pamela Maeda’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Hawaii Kai

Beautiful neighborhoods featuring mid-century style homes minutes from the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii are a huge draw for people in search of Hawaii Kai homes. The numbers reflect just how desirable Hawaii Kai real estate has become: The market has trended up nearly 28% year after year. If ever there is a time to consider placing your Hawaii Kai home on the market, it is unquestionably now.

The larger question looming for you may not be about whether you should join the other Hawaii Kai homes for sale but associated more with what, exactly, selling a home entails.

Acclaimed realtor and Oahu native Pamela Maeda has several answers for you. Read on for her ultimate guide to selling your home in one of Honolulu’s loveliest neighborhoods.

Understand the costs involved

Gaining a handle on the costs associated with selling your home will safeguard you from dreaded, unwelcome surprises. A few of the costs you may incur include:

  • Home inspection
  • Repairs and upgrades
  • Cleaning fees
  • Staging fees
  • Professional photography and drone footage
  • Marketing materials
  • Commission costs (realtor and broker)
  • Escrow fees

Secure a stellar real estate agent

The notion of selling your Hawaii Kai home on your own may be attractive, but hiring a realtor will help you in innumerable ways, including managing negotiations, arranging and overseeing showings, determining a competitive price and the savviest time to list your estate, monitoring marketing efforts, and acting as a skilled liaison between you and qualified buyers.

Search for a realtor who has a solid handle on Hawaii Kai–not just its immediate appeal but also its history, idiosyncrasies, and predicted future.

Enlist the services of a licensed and reputable home inspector

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Home inspections are part of a buyer’s “due diligence,” but you will have far more leverage if you choose to have an inspection performed before your realtor announces your home is for sale. In doing so, you will gain a greater understanding of your home’s worth and flaws, and can elect to either have renovations completed prior to putting your home on the market or figure the cost of repairs into your asking price. What’s more, you may gain buyers’ trust by demonstrating that you have anticipated one of the most pressing concerns that arise in real estate transactions: The condition of the home and the immediate and imminent care and upkeep it requires. Remember to keep a detailed list of all of the upgrades and repairs you make.

Exterminate pests

Anyone who has lived in Hawaii for some time is well-aware that critters are part of the package when you live in paradise. Explaining that geckos are good for keeping Hawaiian homes free of bugs, however, might be a tough sell to foreign investors or those new to the tropics. To this end, conduct a termite and overall pest inspection to guarantee your home is free of any “visitors” that might undermine your home’s value.

Ask for recommendations for high-quality stagers

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While Hawaii is a seller’s market with many deals being done sight unseen (and with cash, no less), showcasing your home at its maximum potential is a must to ensure you receive offers from the most qualified and attractive buyers. Speak with your realtor–and friends and family members who have recently sold a home on Oahu–to obtain recommendations for top-notch home stagers. Be sure to inquire about their training, the median price of the homes they typically stage, their rates, and photographs of homes they have professionally arranged.

Maximize your landscaping and your home’s exterior appearance

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Lush landscaping is one of the biggest draws of homes in Hawaii; and while you may be content with your yard’s appearance, now is the time to give it a facelift–whether it means planting new trees for additional shade or implementing fresh flowers. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), up-leveling your landscaping can potentially earn you 10 to 15% more than homes with untended-to surroundings. Further, superbly-kept, even enchanting landscaping can lead to a dazzling first impression—and increase your chances of buyers putting in a solid purchase offer.

Additionally, consider other ways to bolster your “curb appeal”: powerwash your home, patch up the paint (unless you’re going for the full monty when it comes to home renovations and planning to paint the whole exterior), update your front door, and, if you have a pool, ensure it is in pristine condition.

Emphasize Hawaii Kai’s appeal

The closure of public services, high unemployment, poor-performing schools–all can decrease the value of a property and send buyers in the opposite direction…and straight to Hawaii Kai. Hawaii Kai brims with remarkable facets, all of which should be highlighted in marketing materials for your listing.

Make your home move-in ready

Not all of your potential buyers will be eyeing Hawaii Kai homes for sale to secure a residence near Waikiki’s abundance of shopping and nightlife, or to place their children in an excellent school. Indeed, Hawaii is a prime location for vacation homes, and many of your potential buyers will be more inclined to present an offer if they know their investment is turnkey ready. This may require updating your linens and investing in new furniture, decor, and art (meaning, impersonal items you won’t have trouble parting with) but it could also translate to receiving multiple–and great—offers.

Pamela Maeda is a pro when it comes to achieving just that. As one of Honolulu’s leading real estate agents, she brings her far-reaching experience and in-depth knowledge of Oahu to all of her business transactions. A trusted partner and consummate negotiator, she specializes in Hawaii Kai real estate and can guide you through the selling process. Book a consultation with her today to kickstart your real estate journey.

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